The corporate landscape is evolving at a breathtaking pace, demanding a new set of skills and insights from leaders across every department. Chat GPT and AI are not just opportunities, but a game changer ! The question isn’t whether you should embrace artificial intelligence and Chat GPT – it’s how quickly you can master them to empower your organization and your career.

AI and its applications in various domains

  • Overview of popular AI tools for chatbot development, video creation, text-to-speech, and presentations
  • Understanding the impact of AI tools on marketing, communication, and content creation

Content Generation AI tools

  • Introduction to chatbots and their applications in customer service, sales, and marketing
  • Overview of popular chatbot development platforms such as ChatGPT
  • Hands-on exercises on building, training, and deploying Chatgpt

Video Creation Tools

  • Introduction to video creation and its importance in marketing and content creation
  • Overview of popular video creation tools such as Synthesia, Lumen5, and Powtoon
  • Hands-on exercises on creating videos using video creation tools, including adding text, images, animations, and voiceovers

Text-to-Speech Tools

  • Introduction to text-to-speech technology and its applications in accessibility, content creation, and marketing
  • Overview of popular text-to-speech tools and how to use them

Marketing Tools for Creating Presentations

  • Introduction to presentation creation and its role in marketing, sales, and communication
  • Overview of popular presentation creation tools such as Tome and how do we use them

Ethical Considerations in AI Tools

  • Discussing ethical considerations and potential biases in AI tools
  • Understanding the responsible and ethical use of AI tools in marketing, communication, and content creation