Date Time No. of Days Fees (Inclusive Taxes)
15/06/2023 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM 1 3835

Using CHAT GPT & AI Tools

For Marketing, Sales, Communication, & Content Creation

By leveraging Chat GPT & other AI tools the Sales, marketing, Customer support, and content writing teams can gain a competitive edge by producing high-quality content faster and more efficiently, engage customers, provide customer support, streamline repetitive tasks etc.. This can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and stand out in crowded markets.

Course Content :

AI and its applications in various domains

  • Overview of popular AI tools for chatbot development, video creation, text-to-speech, and presentations
  • Understanding the impact of AI tools on marketing, communication, and content creation

Content Generation AI tools

  • Introduction to chatbots and their applications in customer service, sales, and marketing
  • Overview of popular chatbot development platforms such as ChatGPT
  • Hands-on exercises on building, training, and deploying Chatgpt

Video Creation Tools

  • Introduction to video creation and its importance in marketing and content creation
  • Overview of popular video creation tools such as Synthesia, Lumen5, and Powtoon
  • Hands-on exercises on creating videos using video creation tools, including adding text, images, animations, and voiceovers

Text-to-Speech Tools

  • Introduction to text-to-speech technology and its applications in accessibility, content creation, and marketing
  • Overview of popular text-to-speech tools and how to use them

Marketing Tools for Creating Presentations

  • Introduction to presentation creation and its role in marketing, sales, and communication
  • Overview of popular presentation creation tools such as Tome and how do we use them

Ethical Considerations in AI Tools

  • Discussing ethical considerations and potential biases in AI tools
  • Understanding the responsible and ethical use of AI tools in marketing, communication, and content creation