panel_start Introduction panel_end

The need for a sound, effective and efficient accounting system cannot be overemphasized, particularly with the current economic restructuring and transformation in the country. Therefore, operating an efficient budgetary system and managing financial resources require relevant competence and framework.

This training workshop is designed to equip participants with the competences and skills required to effectively operate the Zero-Based Budgeting Framework in their respective organizations.

panel_start Objectives panel_end

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the concept and principles of zero-based budgeting
  • Highlight the process of utilizing medium term expenditure framework
  • Use the zero-based budget as a tool for planning, implementing  and controlling activities
  • Understand the framework for zero-based budgeting
  • Develop budget monitoring procedures.

panel_start Course Content panel_end

  • Overview of budget management
  • Budget performance management, target setting and key performance indicators.
  • Concepts  and principles of zero-based budgeting
  • MTSS/MTEF and budget planning
  • Framework for zero-based budgeting
  • Capital budgeting processes and the zero-based budgeting system
  • Programmes costing and funding of  budgets
  • Procurement planning and budget implementation
  • Budget monitoring and evaluation