Can a tattoo get me in trouble at work?

Work and tattoos is not a match made in heaven. Maybe because they started as bastion of the marginalized: gypsies, freak shows, criminals and the non- conformists. A few Research Center study found that 76 percent of respondents feel tattoos and piercings hurt an applicant s chances of being hired during a job interview. And 39 percent of those surveyed believe employees with tattoos and piercings reflect poorly on their employers. I INK, THEREFORE I AM ?But etiquette trainer Sheena Agarwal has noticed some relaxation in corporate attitude towards body art. While industries like banking, consultancy and finance are still strict about visible body art, in most other companies, I have noticed even HR professionals sporting small, tasteful inks,  she says. It’s the profile and industry that determines body art. For someone in a creative, marketing or media company, a tattoo is par for the course. Agarwal says, It s just another mode of self- expression but make sure tattoo is not offensive. A study by CareerBuilder found that tattoos are looked at as a sign of immaturity, bad judgment and bad taste by managers. Over 42 percent of managers polled said opinion of someone would be lowered by that person s visible body art. Corporate grooming and soft skills expert Konkana Bakshi agrees. We form an opinion of a person in the first seven seconds of meetings them. A visible body art always conjures up images of recklessness and lack of credibility, she says.

????????? Provocative attire : 44%
????????? Wrinkled clothes or shabby appearance: 43%
????????? Unconventional piercings: 32%
????????? Too casual attire : 27%
????????? Visible tattoos: 27%
????????? Other reasons: An unprofessional haircut, Unprofessional facial hair, bad breath, heavy perfume, too much makeup.
????????? Negative or pessimistic attitude: 62%
????????? Regularly showing up to work late: 62%
????????? Using vulgar language: 51%
????????? Regularly leaving work early: 49%
????????? Taking too many sick days: 49%
????????? Other reasons: Gossiping,? excessive social media during office time, neglecting to clean up after himself / herself, taking personal calls at work, taking smoke breaks.

Courtesy : Sunday Times March 12′ 2017 Issue