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Grooming, Etiquette & Public Speaking

By Ms Sabira Merchant

Batch starts from 17 December

“Beauty gets the attention, Personality gets the heart.”

Personality development is a crucial ingredient for success. Without influencing others you can’t get success in today’s competitive world.

An attractive personality includes knowing how to dress well, social graces, grooming, speech and interpersonal skills.

Ms. Sabira Merchant specializes in transforming youth into savvy and charming personalities.

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Python Certification Course

Batch starts from 19th December Book a demo Session

Steve Jobs, Apple founder, once said, “Everyone should learn to code because it teaches you how to think.”

  • It has been predicted that within the next 20 years most jobs will involve some kind of programming.
  • Python is remarkably easy language to learn, and can be used as a stepping stone to other programming languages
  • It is used in almost all fields – Data science, Web development & Machine Learning

Coding improves Math & Logical skills by 2 times

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