Dr Marshall Goldsmith’s Leadership Skills Training

Leadership course | Dr. Marshall Goldsmith | Princeton Academy

The most successful leaders are those with the best people skills, especially during the most difficult circumstances. Poor communication and interpersonal relationships routinely thwart leaders who are otherwise technically competent. In order to succeed, leaders must be fully engaged with the individuals who make up their organization.

The keys to leadership effectiveness today: coaching and mentoring

The old rules of management and supervision simply don’t work with today’s complex workforce. That’s why the most effective leaders in America now rely on the power of coaching and mentoring to lead their teams to success. Our skill-packed, one-day workshop, Leadership,Coaching and Mentoring Skills, is guaranteed to build your know-how in these all-important leadership skills — and to help you be a more effective leader, starting immediately.

Get solutions to your toughest leadership problems

Leadership Success through Coaching and Mentoring Skills is the ultimate one-day workshop on this cutting-edge leadership topic. You’ll gain tools, techniques and strategies guaranteed to solve tough problems like how to get employees to take the initiative, how to motivate team members to achieve even more, how to keep staffers’ personal problems from affecting work, and more. In short, you’ll learn how to build a rock-solid team of winners!


Leadership course | Dr. Marshall Goldsmith | Princeton Academy

Program Content

Session – 1

  • Introduction /overview / goals
  • Classic challenges that come with success
    ‘what to stop’ in leadership development & coaching
  • My greatest learning as an executive coach
  • Practicing and being ready to use feed forward

Session – 2

  • A proven model for leadership development
  • The value of learning to ask for input
  • Learning to listen without judging
  • How to respond to feedback
  • Follow-up – the key to positive, lasting change in behaviour- ‘Leadership Is a Contact Sport’

Session – 3

  • Why we don’t become the person we want to be
  • The delusions that hold us back
  • How Triggers from environment can derail us

Session – 4

  • When coaching will not work
  • Coaching for behavioural change
  • Team building without time wasting
  • The Wheel of Change
  • The daily question process


  • Coaches and Trainer
  • HODs managing/leading teams
  • Team Leaders
  • Star performers/achievers who want to polish people management skills


Leadership course | Dr. Marshall Goldsmith | Princeton Academy

Dr Marshall Goldsmith

He is recognized as World’s Top Ranked Executive Coach, the #1 Leadership Thinker, the Top 5 Management Thinker (2015), and one of the top 10 most-Influential Business Thinker in the world.

His work has been recognized by almost every professional organization in his field. Marshall’s acknowledgments include:

  • Institute for Management Studies – Lifetime Achievement Award (one of only two ever awarded)
  • American Management Association – 50 great thinkers and leaders who have influenced the field of management over the past 80 years
  • Business Week – 50 great leaders in America
  • Forbes – five most-respected executive coaches
  • Leadership Excellence – top five thinkers on leadership
  • Economic Times (India) – top CEO coaches of America
  • Economist (UK) – most credible executive advisors in the new era of business
  • National Academy of Human Resources – Fellow of the Academy (America’s top HR award)

]Timings: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm , Registration begins at 9:00 am

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