Customer means business. Customer means profit. Customer means Cash flow. Customer means Growth. Peter Drucker said 25 years ago ‘The purpose of the business is to attract and retain a customer’. After Sales Service management is one such activity that helps a corporate not only to retain customers but has a direct impact on the image of the company.

After Sales Service Management is one workshop that addresses the most critical issue facing a manufacturing companies today: integration – the identification and solution of problems that cross organizational boundaries – and, perhaps more importantly, the continuous search for ways to solve these problems faster and more effectively!

This workshop on After Sales Service will guide you through the specific steps to achieve this mission and manage the service business for frontline impact, continuous customer satisfaction, and peak productivity – all for maximum profitability.


Responsive, consistent, and effective field service is needed to support even the best products, and only organizations driven by quality service will attract new and loyal customers in the current competitive marketplace. The theme of the workshop is that field service organizations can achieve customer satisfaction performance breakthroughs.

Improve Sales and Image of the organization through Value-added After-Sales-Service.

Understand the techniques of ‘Field Service’ to radically increase customer retention. This workshop therefore aims :

– to empower participants in their task of providing excellent After Sales Service.

– to enable them to become aware of the total economic, psychological and strategic factors involved.

– to encourage proactive methods share a tested organization strategy.


Senior Executives /Managers from

  • Customer Service
  • Maintenance
  • After Sales and
  • Sales


Session 1

Empowerment –

  • Customer Retention
  • Why do customer defect?
  • What customer CARE really is
  • Defining Customer service excellence

Customer Delight, Loyalty and Relationship

Session 2

After-Sales-Service System

Managing and Empowerment

Session 3

A step-by-step approach to After-Sales-Service System

  • Performance measurement
  • Creating a Competitive advantage through:
  • Service quality management & Customer Satisfaction
  • Service Call Management
  • Service parts inventory management
  • Service management information system
  • Integration with sales, manufacturing, engineering etc.
  • Advanced technologies
  • Customer expectation of service

Session 4

Creating & maintaining good customer relations

Response to Responsibility

Dealing with the customer

  • Role Plays
  • Good & bad communication
  • Using the telephone
  • Face-to-face
  • Turning complaints into order
  • Troubleshooting

Selling After-sales-service products


Participative and interactive. Presentation, role plays, success stories, problem discussions and course material (one copy).


Mr. A. K. Guha

Until recently Executive Director (Business Development) and now Advisor of Renoir Consulting – UK. He has served various industries in India & Middle-East for 3 decades. To name few corporates are Arya Communication Ltd. (Motorola), General Electric Alstom Ltd., Aplab Limited, Bright Brothers Limited etc. He has also served in the Middle-East.

He started his career at the age of 17 as an account-assistant in the year 1972. Since then he worked in the capacity of Chief Accountant, Credit Controller, Senior Manager-Sales Administration, Vice President- Commercial and Executive Director (Business Development). He has also headed EDP / MIS, HRD and Marketing Department.

After completing Double Graduation from Bombay University in Accounting and Business Management, he has also done post graduate Diplomas in Internal Auditing, Business Management and Trading (London), International Import Export Management (London), MBA- Finance (London), and Diploma in Computer Science.

He had his professional apprenticeship in management consultancy under Dr. N H Atthreya and has been associated with him for lectures on various commercial aspects.

He has co-authored with Dr. Atthreya a manual titled Effective Credit Management a first of its kind on Receivable Management for all types of Industries in Indian Context. Their recent book Cash Before You Crash has appeared on the Business India Best Seller list. Mr. Guha has also compiled manual for Costs Reduction Strategies and Commercial Negotiation.

He facilitates consulting in Re-Engineering and Turn-Around Process.

Timings: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm , Registration begins at 9:00 am

how to register

Fees: Rs. 7,900/- +12.36 % service tax per person
Please write to / Call -022 66976892
Mention the name of participant, company, contact details .
Cheque favouring Princeton Academy Mumbai II Pvt. Ltd. payable at Mumbai.
Fees includes lunch, tea, course material etc.