Cross Culture & International Etiquette

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In international organizations, cross-cultural skills are not an add-on, they become part of our normal way of working and have to be embedded into the way we lead, work and collaborate. Our cross-cultural training focuses on giving people practical tools and experience in diagnosing their own culture, understanding other cultures way of working and managing any differences and gaps.

Cultural differences can stem from national cultures, but also functional or corporate cultures. Our tools can also be useful for people working in cross functional or global account roles for example, where functional or organizational cultural differences are a priority.

Cultural differences can be a source of misunderstanding but they can also be a source of enjoyment, creativity and different perspectives and problems. Our cross cultural training helps people to understand and respect differences but also to move beyond them to get things done. Culture should never prevent as from meeting our business goals, and understanding cultural differences can help us be more creative in how we get there.

Benefits :

  • Better international meetings, decision-making and implementation of actions
  • Improved communication, both face-to-face and through technology.
  • Increased confidence to discuss and resolve differences with international colleagues

Course Outline:

Culture & Business

  • Examining how, why and where culture impacts work and people
  • Examining cross cultural stereotypes and prejudices
  • Cross cultural models and examples
  • Steps to effective cross cultural communication


Communicating with Different Nationality

  • Beliefs, culture, values, ethics, customs and national character
  • Speech styles
  • Building effective interpersonal relationships
  • Communication – verbal and non-verbal
  • Social etiquette and protocol

Doing Business Overseas

  • Linguistic differences
  • Business Overseas – features, traditions and ethics
  • Comparative analysis of American, British and other countries business practices
  • Business etiquette and protocol
  • Business entertaining
  • Cross cultural management and leadership styles
  • Intercultural team building
  • Decision making and consensus building

Relocating Abroad

  • Preparing for the move
  • What to bring?
  • Public behaviour and etiquette
  • Food and drink
  • Transport, shopping and entertainment

How to Register

Timings: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm , Registration begins at 9:00 am

 How to Register:

  • Fees: Rs. 9,500/- +18% GST per person.
  • Please write to Call -022 67256200
  • Mention the name of participant, company, contact details.
  • Cheque favoring Princeton Academy Mumbai II Pvt. Ltd. payable at Mumbai.
  • Fees includes lunch, tea, course material etc.

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