Advanced Business Communication & Art of Small Talk by Ms Sabira Merchant

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Rudyard Kipling once said

‘Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.’

After the initial few seconds of a face-to-face meeting, the visual takes a backseat and your verbal ability- the what you say and the words you use, takes precedence.Words are the most powerful communication tool we have that generate feelings and images and build expectations.

A common trait among leaders is their ability to maximize their personal brand by using the right words.The ability to conduct conversations in business is critical for your success, regardless of your job profile or the industry you belong to.

Your choice of words, your voice, use of grammar and accent, all create an impact.Good conversationalists know how to present themselves in a positive light, thereby influencing decision making.

An Advanced workshop for the Globe-trotting executive by Ms. Sabira Merchant which includes video recording and play back.

Programme Content:

  • Speaking Powerfully, Public Speaking
  • Connecting with people instantly
  • Making an impression in the first meeting
  • Pitching to potential clients and Elevator Speech
  • Eliminating nervousness or fear of Public speaking
  • Enhancing the content of the material, structure & flow of information
  • Clarity of thoughts, generating innovative ideas, making “dry” topics entertaining
  • Handling questions and managing difficult audience members like a pro
  • Body-Language: Everything from style to expressions to gestures
  • Tactics of influencing people verbally and non-verbally
  • Assertive-speaking, courageous conversations
  • Powerful style for handling conflicts and increasing rapport

Fine Dinning & Business Entertaining – Sit Down Lunch

  • Table setting-Formal, Informal and the Cutlery Placement
  • Continental vs American Style
  • RSVP , Seating Arrangements
  • Silverware Savvy , Chopsticks
  • Napkin Placement
  • Toasting, Receiving Lines
  • Wines, Champagnes and Liqueurs
  • Types of Win e Glasses
  • How to Eat Various Foods, Foods to Avoid
  • Billing & Tipping worldwide
  • Thank You Notes


  • Phrases and Proverbs, Homophones,
  • Terminology used Internationally
  • Conversation starters
  • Enlarge your vocabulary
  • Improve your Grammar
  • Cut out the jargon
  • Avoid slang
  • Power of the Voice
  • Diction, accent, content, pitch, pronunciation, tone
  • Email & Cell Phone conversations
  • Networking for Business- Improve your mingling quotient and small talk
  • Social & people skills for the Globetrotting Indian

How To Register

Timings: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Registration begins at 9:00 am

How to Register:

  • Fees: Rs. 9,500/- + 18% GST Per Person
  • Please write to / Call -022 67256200
  • Mention the name of participant, company, contact details.
  • Fees include lunch, tea, course material, participation certificate etc.


Mr Nayan Kumar

PMS Technicians
Northern Marine Management (India) Pvt Ltd

“How to improve myself more in communication skill. How to project in a proper manner in large audience.”

Mr Anil K Kumar 

Manager Logistic
Hettich India Pvt Ltd

“Confidence, lot of tips which help my communication.”

Mr Rajesh Gupta

Sr. Manager
Godrej Properties Ltd

“New insight about advanced communication. Better process of improvement.”

Ms Kamini Tembhekar

Sr. Sales executive
Brenntag Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd

“It helps to know the points are lacking in my communication skill.”

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