Companies are spending millions of dollars on data-gathering initiatives, but few are successfully capitalizing on this data. Indeed, moving from customer data collection to profitable financial results requires:

  • An in-depth understanding of the new metrics of customer data
  • The ability to forecast and develop a business rationale based on identified data patterns
  • The skills to formulate concrete recommendations
  • The expertise to articulate a strategic business vision based on your customer data

Customer Analytics brings data to life, going beyond the numbers and showing you how to link them to your strategic initiatives. You will build a data-analytics mindset, understanding how to convert numbers into actionable insights for developing and executing effective business and monetization strategies. You will also learn how to convey your data-driven recommendations through persuasive storytelling.

In Customer Analytics, you will:

  • Discover the latest theories and best practices from academic experts and real-world practitioners
  • Master and select the right tools for predicting future customer behavior
  • Gain new insights into selecting and managing data-science teams
  • Learn to convert analytics into actionable plans that create value for your organization