Effective Business Proposals & Report Writing 


Overview of the Workshop
The ability to write a business proposal that get your organisation new business, obtain funding, and sustain you in competitive business environment is a skill that every organisation and individual must invest in and have. In a world of intensive competition, presenting yourself as capable to offer the best solution to the needs of customers is arguably the only way that can keep you in business.This course has been designed in such a way as to equip businesses and individuals with essential business proposal writing skills that are effective and practical.The course material is drawn from well researched and tested experiences on proposalwriting.
Business proposals are an integral part of winning new business. A good proposal doesn’t just outline what a product or service does, but it also leaves the reader believing that it is the only logical choice. This Proposal Writing training will help with winning new businessand standing out from the pack.Objectives / Benefits of the WorkshopBy the end of this training course, participants will:

  • Learn to define the strategy & best approach for each proposal
  • Determine the correct proposal style
  • Master the best method for effective proposal writing
  • Perform a need analysis & write a goal statement
  • Acquire a variety of techniques for improving writing skills
  • Learn to use appropriate resources & ghosting to build a strong case
  • Use illustrations & case studies for maximum impact
  • Learn effective techniques for proofreading & editing
  • Master the art of finishing touches to create a professional, final product
  • Increase participants confidence to write clearly, concisely and effectively

The Art of Effective Business Proposal and Report Writing

  1. Introduction: Defining business proposal
  2. Types of business proposals
  3. Planning your writing: Knowing the purpose of proposing
  4. Establishing Prospect’s needs and Audience analysis
  5. Matching Prospect’s Needs with your Competencies
  6. Prepare reports and proposals that inform and persuade
  7. Formatting your business proposal
  8. The cover letter
  9. Writing the business proposal using plain English
  10. Practice sessions in proposal writing
  11. Reasons – Why Business Proposal Sometimes Fails
  12. Report writing
  13. Planning your report
  • The different types of reports and what they are used for
  • Getting a good brief
  • Deadlines and their implications
  • Research skills
  1. Structuring your report
  • Structuring for success
  • Titles, sub-headings and numbering systems
  • Templates for reports
  1. Writing style and language
  • Getting the right style and tone
  • Using plain English
  • Getting rid of jargon
  • Revising your report
  • Editing
  1. Design and layout 
  • Dealing with technical or specialist information
  • Graphics, illustrations and photos
  • Case studies
  • Giving and receiving feedback


Timings: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm , Registration begins at 9:00 am

How to Register:

  • Fees: Rs. 8,050/-+15% service tax per person.
  • Please write to-  register@princetonacademy.co.in / Call -022 66976892/ 66976874
  • Cheque Should be in favor of PRINCETON ACADEMY MUMBAI II PVT LTD
  • Kindly register in Advance – Mention the name of participant, company, contact details
  • Fees include lunch, tea, course material etc.