Employee’s Assessment For selection and development Using Games

Skills are the most important assets your employees possess. Well-honed skill sets give them the opportunity to master tasks and improve their work performance. This is why skills assessments are an essential part of a successful training program. They allow organizations to fine tune their training initiatives, increase productivity, and narrow the performance gaps by identifying the core skills your corporate audience needs to fulfill their work responsibilities.

Technology has given us the freedom to mold our learning on a lighter note and introduce the unique concept of game based Assessments. As the name suggests, it is learning based on the experiential nature of a game, tapping in full involvement from the learner and holding it throughout the entire learning cycle.


  • Game based assessments capture 20 times the data of a traditional psychometric test.
  • Game based assessments are based on information on ‘how’ a candidate plays a game or completes an assessment – such as their response time, the choices they make. So now with technology, it is possible to look at “how” candidates make choices rather than depend on just “what” choices they have made in a test.
  • Due to their high-quality graphics and interesting themes, the game based assessments are highly engaging
  • The data rich reports can be used to run useful talent analytics
  • Instant reports can be generated and the scores can be used for filtering the right candidate along with other data points.

Content Outline:

  • Basics of assessments and their use in recruitment, on-boarding, development and promotion
  • Personality Theories and their applicability to the workplace
  • Measuring personality using psychometric tools in the workplace
  • Introduction to aptitude and its use in the workplace
  • Measuring aptitude using psychometric tools in the workplace
  • Introduction to Arctic Shores & GAME BASED ASSESMENT
  • GAME BASED ASSESMENT v/s Traditional psychometric tests – benefits, differences and use in different workplace settings
  • Measuring Personality and Aptitude using GAME BASED ASSESMENT
  • Implementing a GAME BASED ASSESMENT in your organization
  • Job analysis
  • Mapping GAME BASED ASSESMENT outputs to your organizational competency or strengths frameworks
  • Validation – ensuring the GAME BASED ASSESMENT can be utilized as a predictive sifting tool in recruitment or for on-boarding / development purposes
  • Norm groups
  • Arctic Shores Data Hub
  • Adverse impact and setting cut off scores for your organization
  • Interpreting different reports that Arctic Shores have available
  • Forming interview questions based on report interpretation Development of Action Plan based on report interpretation

Methodology: Activities, Toolkit, Videos, Interactive Sessions, Presentations

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