Grooming & Etiquette for Teenagers by Ms. Sabira Merchant (2days)


“Teaching manners to the Teenagers gives them the tools to function and succeed as adults”

In today’s world, the overall development of the children has become very important. It is no longer enough that the child is academically sound.
Ms. Sabira Merchant specializes in transforming youth into savvy personalities.
It is about the Visual Appearance, Communication, body language (posture, eye contact, and nervous habits), word choice (tone, speed, inflection, laughter) and positive thinking as well as improving relationships to make them into charming personalities.

Course Content:
Conversation and Communication Etiquette:

  • Learn how to confidently deliver a public speech
  • Improve your group discussion and interview skills
  • Do’s and don’ts in conversation.
  • Art of how to join a conversation & come out of it.
  • Being Friendly
  • Develop conversation skills in real life situations
  • Develop your skills in speaking on the spot with little or no planning time
  • Enhance your pronunciation and spoken abilities.
  • Connecting with people.
  • Developing conversation starters
  • knowing the right thing to say in any given situation.
  • You’ll learn questions, phrases and expressions that you can use
  • Open-loop questions invite further discussion
  • Relationships with Parents, Lower level staff
  • Keeping calm

Social Etiquette: A teenager’s social life is extremely important because fitting in with peers can make the difference between feeling confident and being one of those people who struggles to fit in. Learning proper etiquette gives teens the skills that will be useful at the moment as well as later in life.

Art of answering -spontaneously with flair & finesse

  •  Personal grooming & Dressing:
  •  Accessories
  • Colours and textures
  •  Fashion trends
  •  Fit of your clothing
  •  What kind of shoes should I wear?
  •  Matching clothes and accessories

Gifting Etiquette

  •   Do’s and don’ts in giving gifts and flowers

Telephone Manners

  •   When calling a friend, identify yourself to the person who answers the phone before asking to speak your friend. By doing so, the parents or other family member who answer the phone will appreciate this courtesy and see you as friendly.

Personal Grooming
Planning a Party

  • Making a Guest list
  • Birthdays and club parties
  • Selecting venues
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Ordering food
  • Bill Payments & tipping

 Dining Etiquette

  •   Table setting
  •   Silverware Savvy , Chopsticks
  •   Napkin Placement
  •   How to Eat Various Foods, Foods to Avoid
  •   Thank You Notes

Target Audience

Target Audience:

  •    Age group between 12 to 20 years


Ms. Sabira Merchant

Ms. Sabira Merchant

  • She is a versatile personality with many admirable qualities. She completed her education in liberal arts from Switzerland.
  • She is responsible for training FEMINA MISS INDIA for the local as well as international competitions and her famous students being the representatives of our country for the Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss Asia Pacific and Mr. International Contest.
  • She was always interested in the dramatics arts and stage, and her first major break – through was Theatre Group’s “The Word” by Pratap Sharma which was followed by “The Wild Duck”, Tughlaq”, “Duet for One”, “The Idiot”, “Winter Set” and many more. She bagged the All India Critics Award for her role of Blanche Dubois in “A Street Car named Desire”
  • She is most popularly known as the “Hostess” for the Quiz Programme, What’s the good Word which was televised in the early 70’s on Doordarshan for a record breaking 15 years.
  • She has also acted in Hindi Films including “Trikal” for Shyam Benegal. Amongst Corporate & Business Houses, she has worked with and held sessions for the Taj Group of Hotels, the Jindal Corp, Oracle, Kingfisher Airlines, Owens Corning for their Top Managerial Staff., Franklin Templeton Investments, Novartis, PowerGrid et

How to Register

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