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Improving Employee Performance
Spend a moment or two thinking about how much easier your job would be … and how much more successful you’d be … if every employee on your team exceeded your expectations. It’s every manager’s dream, Improving employee performance is an important function not only of the immediate supervisors but also for the HR team.
Participants will discover how to clearly set expectations … deliver essential feedback … and hold employees accountable for their results. Participants will learn how to identify the roadblocks that hinder employee productivity – and come up with solutions for knocking them down. Imagine how great it will feel to get some essential tasks off your plate and still know they’re getting done right!
Your employees will be challenged, your team will be energized, and your reputation as a leader will soar.
Course Content:
Leadership, Management, and Delegation Skills
  • Creating a solution-oriented atmosphere that empowers employees to come to you with ideas
  • Are you accidentally punishing your best employees? Looking at your delegation techniques with a critical eye
  • How to delegate to the “lowest point of competence” – and why it can have astonishing results
  • Providing opportunities for everyone to stretch themselves – some of your employees will really surprise you!
Understanding and Evaluating Employees
  • Evaluating employees – are the jobs, the tasks, and the person all a great match?
  • Understanding how personality affects performance – and how to bring out the best in everyone
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members
  • Finding the ‘hidden gems’ among your staff – and giving them opportunities to increase their skills
Setting Goals and Getting Buy-In
  • How a combination of individual and group goals can increase employee productivity
  • How to create goals that are easily understood by every employee
  • Keys to setting clear benchmarks and performance expectations with employees
  • Encouraging employees to set their own goals – and the amazing impact it can have on productivity and enthusiasm
  • Creating buy-in for goals and objectives in a team environment
Effective Feedback and Performance Reviews
  • The importance of a systematic and consistent review process – for all employees
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake most managers make when giving performance feedback
  • Positive reinforcement: how to let employees know when they’re doing great – and that you recognize it
Holding Employees Accountable
  • Finding out if your employees really know what’s expected of them – or if they’re scraping by thinking they’re doing a great job
  • Facts and figures: the importance of quantifiable metrics – and how to establish them for any position
  • Consistency: the absolute #1 key to employee accountability
  • Rewarding success: encouraging employees to embrace accountability
  • Tips for handling the sensitive and uncomfortable performance dilemmas
  • Find out what discipline techniques really work – and which ones just cause resentment and anger!
Identifying Roadblocks to Employee Productivity
  • Is it your people or your process? Looking at workflow with a critical eye
  • How outdated programs or old computers can slow down even your best employees
  • The right way to ask your employees what their biggest obstacles are – the answers may surprise you!
  • How to identify bottlenecks – by department or by employee
  • Red flags to let you know when an employee’s workload is too heavy to give 100% to everything
Inspiring and Motivating Employees
  • Engagement strategies you can implement that will assure every employee on your team gets more done
  • Understanding performance drivers: identifying the prime motivators of individual employees
  • The power of praise: how positive reinforcement can have a tremendous, immediate impact
  • Sparking enthusiasm: creating a positive and energetic work environment
  • Simple coaching skills guaranteed to produce miraculous performance

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