Power BI


  • You must have a computer with Windows as operating system
  • Basic understanding of data analysis is a plus but not required
  • For this course a work or school email address is required to sign up

This is what you will learn:

  • Get to know the different toolsof the Power BI universe and learn how to use them
  • Understand Power BI Desktopand its components
  • Learn how to use the Query Editorto connect Power BI to various source types, how to work on the Data Model and understand the difference between those two steps
  • How to work in the different views of the Data Model
  • How to create calculated columnsand measures
  • How to build relationshipsbetween different tables
  • How to create a report with different interactive visualization types
  • Learn how to use Power BI serviceto create dashboards and to share and publish your results
  • How to access your results from multiple devices using Power BI Mobile

Session 1: Quick Start Power BI Service

1.01 Get Power BI Tools
1.02 Introduction to Tools and Terminology
1.03 Dashboard in Minutes
1.04 Refreshing Power BI Service Data
1.05 Interacting with your Dashboards
1.06 Sharing Dashboards and Reports

Session 2: Getting and Transforming Data with Power BI Desktop

2.01 Introduction to Power BI Desktop
2.02 Getting Data: Excel vs Power BI Desktop & Service
2.03 DirectQuery vs Import Data

Session 3: Modeling with Power BI

3.01 Introduction to Modeling
3.02 Setup and Manage Relationships
3.03 Cardinality and Cross Filtering
3.04 Default Summarization & Sort by
3.05 Creating Calculated Columns
3.06 Creating Measures

Session 4: Power BI Desktop Visualisations

4.01 Creating Visualisations
4.02 Color Formatting
4.03 Setting Sort Order
4.04 Scatter & Bubble Charts & Play Axis
4.05 Tooltips
4.06 Slicers & Timeline Slicers
4.07 Cross Filtering and Highlighting
4.08 Visual, Page and Report Level Filters
4.09 Hierarchies
4.10 Tables, Matrices & Conditional Formatting
4.11 Map Visualizations

Session 6: Publishing and Sharing

6.01 Sharing Options Overview
6.02 Publish from Power BI Desktop
6.03 Publish to Web
6.04 Share Dashboard with Power BI Service
6.05 My Workspace vs Groups (Power BI Pro)
6.06 Content Packs (Power BI Pro)
6.07 Print or Save as PDF
6.08 Publishing for Mobile Apps
6.08 Export to PowerPoint

Session 7: Refreshing Datasets

7.01 Understanding Data Refresh
7.02 Replacing a Dataset

Session 8: Power BI and Excel Together

8.01 Options for Publishing from Excel
8.02 Pin Excel Elements to Power BI
8.03 Excel 2016 Publish: Upload and Export to Power BI
8.04 Sharing Published Excel Dashboards

Who is the target audience?

People who never worked with Power BI and who want to understand how to use these tools
Anyone who is interested in learning how to connect the different Power BI tools with each other
People who want to understand how to create customized visuals with the Power BI Developer tools

Timings: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm, Registration begins at 9:00 am

How to Register:

  • Fees: Rs. 8,950/- + 18% GST Per Person
  • Please write to register@princetonacademy.co.in / Call -022 67256200
  • Mention the name of participant, company, contact details.
  • Fees include lunch, tea, course material, participation certificate etc.