Raising Funds from Business & Preparation of a Business Plan

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Raising Funds for Business Training / Seminar / Workshop

Thinking behind this programme:

Let us start asking SMEs following questions:

1. Have you been looking to raise capital either equity or debt to grow and expand your business.

2. Do you feel raising debt capital from banking sector (generally being collateralized) is a significant challenge. Alternative sources of debt are exorbitantly expensive.

3. Do you feel alternative source of equity capital from Private sources (Private Equity and Venture Capital) is emerging fast in the country. But, you dont know how this whole stuff works.

4. Do you feel SME platforms of Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange may help you raise capital from public in a much more simplified manner (some SMEs have already raised capital from these platforms) but you dont know how does it work.

If answer to all the above questions is BIG YES!, you must attend this programme. This Programme would provide solution to the SME companies struggling with above questions through highlighting how SME companies can access equity capital from Private sources (Private Equity/Venture Capital) and/or from public (Initial Public Issue – IPOs) through recently launched Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) platforms of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Objective of the Raising Funds Training:

Last several months have been tough for the corporates. On one hand, pressures from general decrease in demand for various products and services, competitive landscape resulting in squeezing profit margins and on the other hand, scarcity of available resources. Availability of credit has become challenge and if the same is available, cost is exorbitantly high.

Interestingly, in this environment, an alternative source of fund called Private Equity created its own space. Today, almost 300 Venture Capital/Private Equity (VC/PE) firms operate in the country with different focuses and operational dynamics. These firms have made significant contribution towards growth of corporates by making the capital available.

Further, with development of SME platforms by Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE), it is possible now for SMEs to access equity capital from public in a quite simplistic manner and get listed on the stock exchanges. Public issues now can be done by SMEs to raise very small capital (say around Rs. 5 Cr.); No prior track record is required for the IPO; No offer document to go to SEBI for approval; And, there is guarantee for 100% subscription of the issue as the issue gets fully underwritten by the investment/merchant banker etc.

Accordingly, this programme is conceptualized to provide a pragmatic perspective on various aspects of accessing equity capital from Private sources and/or public through SME platforms of BSE and NSE. This programme is the product of faculty’s real life experience of working with corporates on their fund raising initiatives.

Raising Funds Training Focus :

Make corporates think and understand the perspective on raising capital from public and private markets.
Understand the perspective of PEs/VCs – what do they look for in their portfolio companies and how do they analyze businesses before investing
What are the requirements for raising capital from BSE and NSE SME platforms.
How to value businesses while looking to raise capital.

Preparation of a Business Plan

This Session is aimed at equipping the participants with an essential concept in Finance and understanding the relevance of Finance in business. Promoters of businesses need to have a sound understanding of Finance in order to manage their day-to-day affairs and to take strategic decisions as well.

Similarly, as executives and managers assume greater responsibilities in the organization, knowledge of financial matters becomes imperative in the growth of their careers.

These sessions will provide a better understanding of the finance concepts which the participants will be able to apply in their respective functional areas.

The seminar on ‘Preparation of a Business Plan’ will provide the participants with an understanding that a well drafted business plan is a pre-requisite for SMEs seeking bank funding.

It will discuss the nuances of preparation of a comprehensive business plan. Participants will also prepare a business plan of their own organizations which will be evaluated off-line by the trainer.

Programme Contents:

Various sources of finance for the companies Public and Private Markets

Consideration in various financial instruments Equity, Debt, Convertibles etc.

Nuances of raising capital from VCs/PEs – their mandate, their thought process on financing companies, their concerns, Legal framework and exit routes etc.

A typical private equity deal process and time lines

Nuances of raising capital from SME platforms of BSE and NSE

– Eligibility criterion for raising capital
– What amount can be raised
– What is the process flow and time lines
– How to prepare for IPO through SME platform
– What are the costs involved
– Who all to facilitate the process intermediaries involved in the IPO process
– How is this platform different from BSE/NSE main platform
– How can companies migrate from SME platform to BSE/ NSE main board.
– Case study of already listed companies on BSE/NSE SME platforms

Preparation of information memorandum qualitative and quantitative data

Basics of Business Valuation Important for promoters to understand while raising equity capital from any source (private or public)

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Target Audience for Raising Funds for Business Training :

    • start-up ventures,
    • small and medium size (SME) corporates Enterprenuers/Promoters
    • practicing chartered accountants / company secretaries / cost and work accountants working with SME companies,
    • management / business consultants advising SMEs, various industry associations Members
    • trade bodies etc.

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Mr. Manish Bansal
Mr. Bansal is CEO of SME Value Advisors, an SME focused advisory firm in Mumbai. SME Value Advisors has been working with emerging corporates/SMEs on various aspects including Business Valuations and Strategies for Value

Mr. Bansal has personally been involved with corporates in their Fund Raising exercise from PEs/VCs, Banks and public markets.

He has around 17 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry.

He has worked with Jeetay Investments, Citibank, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Institute of Chartered Financials Analysts of India (ICFAI).Academically, he has done his MS in Business Administration from University of Maryland, U.S. He also holds other degrees like MBA, CFA and Licentiate in General Insurance.

He has several articles to his credit, on different dimensions of Financial Markets, published by various publications over last one and a half decade.

He has been a speaker in various seminars conducted by international agencies like Metal Bulletin, London; Futures and Options World, London and domestic Institutions like Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), Interconnected Stock Exchange of India, and various industry bodies like FICCI, ASSOCHAM etc.

He also serves as visiting faculty to various Management Institutes including Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi, National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM), Delhi, National Institute of Securities Market (NISM), Indian institute of Capital Market etc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”How to Register” tab_id=”1451286319792-28256f13-f735″][vc_column_text]Timings: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm , Registration begins at 9:00 am

Fees: Rs. 8,500/- + 14.5 % service tax per person
Please write to register@princetonacademy.co.in / Call -022 66976892
Mention the name of participant, company, contact details .
Cheque favouring Princeton Academy Mumbai II Pvt. Ltd. payable at Mumbai.
Fees includes lunch, tea, course material etc.

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