When Leaders create a strategy, the best minds in the organization come together. They devote their time, energy and effort identifying ways to outplay the competition, win market share and increase profits and shareholder value- all tough to tackle. Yet despite this focus, most strategies have traditionally failed to deliver.

Take a new strategy into the whole organization and making it come alive is a tough challenge- a tougher challenge than most leaders anticipate.

It’s not the strategy that delivers; it’s the successful implementation. Leaders today need the knowledge and skills to do both.

“Strategy Implementation for leaders” is a highly engaging and enriching one day seminar is based on his international bestselling book Bricks to Bridges- Make your strategy Come Alive, it addresses the knowledge gap for leaders and goes deeply into the tough challenge of implementing strategy.

From start to the end it explains how to implement your strategy once it is crafted.

• Determine why Change management has not worked, how you can avoid the pitfalls that occur today.

• Learn a new, more effective archetype of implementation that works by providing a road map
• The Implementation Compass – a strategy implementation framework for identifying the right action based on the eight areas of excellence for execution.
• Best Practice case studies- both local and international examples of what works
• How to manage the four different ways people react to change
• Tips on what works and what to avoid

This seminar has come alive for more than 10,000 leaders in the past seven years.
In fact, it’s the longest running seminar on the subject in the world. It addresses:

• Why strategy implementation is one of today’s hottest leadership topics
Over the last 10 years, strategy implementation has established itself as part of a

leader’s armoury of knowledge.

• What it takes to execute using the Implementation Compass™ framework
Most leaders struggle with strategy implementation today because of a lack of

structure and framework. The Implementation Compass guides them through the
eight areas of excellence in execution required for success.

• How to take the right action
If strategy is about making the tough decisions, then implementation is about

taking the right actions. You’ll learn ways to ensure your organization indeed
takes the right actions to succeed.

• What works and the best practices needed to excel in executing strategy
You’ll come away with tips, techniques and tools from local and global leaders

who have implemented their strategies with excellence.

• How to galvanize your workforce into action beyond giving out coffee mugs and t-shirts
An effective implementation strategy goes beyond hosting town hall meetings,

creating posters, and sending emails. You’ll learn about the two different waves
of communication and how to create a sense of urgency around all aspects of the
implementation process.

Key Learning Points
This session will highlight
1. Build around the culture of the organization-
It must fit in to the “way you do things”. Every organizations culture is unique and so must their strategy implementation in order to succeed.

2. How most leaders underestimate the implementation challenge- Once they have created th strategy, they believe the hardest part is over. No-Implementation is twice as hard as the right strategy.

3. Create within the company so that it is owned by the people – it is the staff members who implement strategy not the leaders. The implementation must be owned by the people implementing it.

4. Recognize that it will mean more work –Despite all the promises of a new strategy, what it really means to the people who implement it is, more work, This has to recognized, not disguised

5. Unique to your strategy- although you can copy best practices from others , at the end of the day your implementation actions must be your own.

6. Break the mold of previous failures – nine out of 10 strategies fail. Past experience just doesn’t work. To successfully implement our strategy provide leaders with the same amount of support for implementation that we provide for crafting strategy and specifically a structure or frame work they can easily use.









Robin Speculand is the founder and Chief Executive of Bridges Business Consultancy Int, a pioneer and global specialist in strategy implementation. Referred to as the “Master of Strategy Implementation” by industry peers, he has written a bestselling book Bricks to Bridges – Make Your Strategy Come Alive, which set the benchmark for new thinking in this field. Robin’s follow-up book Beyond Strategy – The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation, specifically identifies the actions leaders must take to reverse their staggering failure to deliver on their strategy promises.

Robin’s pioneering work has been featured in international print and electronic media, including BBC Global, CNBC and Financial Times. He has become a known expert and sought-after speaker at key strategy and international business forums.

Robin founded Bridges at the turn of the millennium as a response to his frustration of watching implementations repeatedly fail. Since Bridges first assisted Singapore Airlines in 2000, it has helped governments, multinational corporations and indigenous organizations across five continents successfully execute their business strategies. He refined his strategy implementation techniques in client organizations and at Citigroup in his role as Regional Vice President, Corporate Bank, Asia Pacific.

His work has led to the development of several proprietary tools that support his mantra of ensuring organizations successfully implement strategy. One of these tools includes the Implementation Compass(tm), a framework that identifies actions in eight critical areas for successful implementation.

Robin is a founding member of the Asia Speakers Association and outside of work, a die-hard ironman/triathlon athlete.

Robin Speculand is an international specialist in implementing strategy for organizations.

Timings:Â 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Registration begins at 9:00 am

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  • Fees: Rs. 20,000 /- +12.36 % service tax per person
  • Please write to / Call -022 66976892
  • Mention the name of participant, company, contact details .
  • Cheque favoring Princeton Academy Mumbai II Pvt. Ltd. payable at Mumbai.
  • Fees includes Book Beyond Strategy  worth USD 38, lunch, tea, course material etc.


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