1. Urgent and important tasks (quadrant I). examples include dealing with a product recall or completing due diligence before a n acquisition can be approved .
  2. Not- urgent but important tasks quadrant II. Examples include developing key business relationship and drafting a plan for how your company will respond to the changes you foresee taking place in your industry 18 months down the road.
  3. Urgent but not-important tasks quadrant III. Examples of these tasks are taking impromptu phone calls from sales reps or fielding a request from a subordinate to help make arrangements for next week s unit party.
  4. Not urgent and not important task (quadrant IV). Examples are browsing the internet or gossiping around the office cooler. For this discussion quadrant II is the most significant because it represents the activities that call for slow time.

Priority Matrix

Not Urgent but Important Task Urgent and Important Task
Not urgent and not important task urgent but not important tasks

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