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Practical Approach

 Many companies today are implementing 5S as part of their Lean initiatives to reduce cost and improve efficiency.   

 If your company is considering implementing a 5S program you will need a plan. To improve your chance of success you will require a clear direction with well thought out goals and objectives. 

  Implementing any new business program without defining clear objectives, specific directions and preparing a plan of action is like going on trip with no idea of where you’re going or how you are going to get there. You are likely to get nowhere fast.  

 We will provide you with the guidance and direction that match your unique wants and needs.  

The program aims to provide participants with an understanding of basic concepts of 5S, the technique and methods to be used for deployment of this concept in an organization and demonstrate some practical examples on the use of these techniques. Equip participants with the skill to implement 5S approach for continual improvement in their organization. 

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Role of 5S in organizing the workplace so that work can be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely 

Concepts of 5S methodology 

Evaluate the current state of your processes, including any possible obstacles 

  • Identify the types of waste that could be eliminated through 5S  
  • Determine where implementing 5S would provide your company the greatest impact to your quality, efficiency and bottom line 

Create a solid plan of action for successful implementation of 5S  

  • Demonstrate a robust knowledge of different tools of 5S 
  • Define and demonstrate the proper 5S methodology 
  • Provide any required forms, templates, visual aids and procedures 

Provide direction to the team for implementation of your 5S program  

  • Problems During the Implementation Of 5S 
  • Challenges in dealing with resistance of employees 
  • Coaching the teams to increase their rate of success 

Some Critical Success Factors for an effective 5S Workplace implementation