Date Venue Category/City Fees (Inclusive Taxes)
26/04/2024 The Lalit Mumbai 9971

Course Content

– Content Generation with ChatGPT

– ChatGPT & Prompting

– ChatGPT – Applications in Business

ChatGPT in Microsoft Office tools

Big Data with ChatGPT

  • Tackling complex Big Data problems using ChatGPT
  • Leveraging ChatGPT for data analysis and insights
  • Integrating ChatGPT with Excel and PowerBI for predictive analysis and data mining
  • Project: Developing a Big Data strategy for a hypothetical corporation

Adv Excel and PowerBI & AI-Driven Analytics

  • Advanced analytical techniques in Excel and PowerBI using AI
  • AI features in Excel: Data analysis, forecasting, and more
  • Enhancing PowerBI capabilities with AI tools
  • ChatGPT’s role in enhancing data analytics and reporting
  • Capstone project: Building an AI-driven analytical tool for market analysis Creative and Innovative Applications of ChatGPT in MS Office
  • Exploring novel uses of ChatGPT in Office applications
  • Developing AI-powered custom solutions for unique business needs
  • Innovation lab: Ideate and prototype a MS Office AI feature

PowerPoint Presentations – Infographic and Data Storytelling with ChatGPT

  • Using ChatGPT for data visualization and presentation & narrative creation
  • Utilizing ChatGPT for crafting compelling data stories in PowerPoint and Sway
  • Content Development with ChatGPT
  • Design and Aesthetics with PowerPoint AI
  • Data Visualization and Insights
  • Enhancing Engagement and Interactivity
  • Incorporating multimedia elements (images, videos) with AI recommendations.

VBA Macro Automation with ChatGPT

  • Utilizing ChatGPT for writing and optimizing VBA code
  • Collaborative coding with ChatGPT: Developing complex macros for business processes
  • Hackathon: Create an automated Excel dashboard with ChatGPT-generated VBA code

Email Management with ChatGPT in Outlook

  • AI-assisted email drafting and summarization.
  • Automated responses and email categorization.
  • Project: Developing an AI-enhanced email management system.

Participants will receive Chat GPT 4 (Premium Subscription) for practice during the session.