Date Time No. of Days Fees (Inclusive Taxes)
28/02/2024 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM 1 3835

Advanced PowerPoint Presentations

Creating Impactful PPTs


Your data is only as powerful as your visual presentation of it!

The purpose of the presentation is lost if the presentation doesn’t create insights of the data. This workshops covers best practices of data visualization techniques, artof storytelling as well as hands-on approaches to using PowerPoint and Excel to present your data.

A hands on training where Participants will have to create a Presentation from the given data set.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand basic graphic design principles and how audiences process information visually
  • Learn how to make use of emphasis, colour, layout, and typography to maximize the clarity of your messages
  • Become familiar with available tools/techniques for data visualization
  • Differences between ‘Glanceable’ and ‘Referenceable’ visualizations and how to harness the power of each
  • Increase the impact and strength of your messages by choosing the most effective chart for a given data set and story in various circumstances
  • Identify and avoid common design mistakes that distort your data and damage your credibility

Course Content

Layout and Design

  • Create well-designed layouts that assist the audience in information assimilation.
  • Templates to streamline the production of visually consistent presentations
  • Copy data from multiple PowerPoint and Standardize into one.
  • Power of visual mind-control to turn tiresome data and uninspiring walls of text into engaging visuals and compelling stories.
  • Discuss Slide Master in Detail

Saving the time with Templates and Themes

Working with Images

  • Remove Image background
  • Create 3D Box with 3 images
  • Artistic Effects

Advance Animation Tricks to make our presentation more attractive

  • Advanced Transition Effects
  • Zoom effect on your Content
  • (Organization chart/ image)
  • Advanced Motion Path Animations

Work with auto shapes and SmartArt Graphics

  • Editable Infographics
  • Creative ways to use Smart Art
  • Diagrams in 3D
  • Create Customised Smart Arts

Inserting Data from Excel

  • Working with advanced Excel objects (charts, pivot tables)

Data Storytelling: Building a Story in PowerPoint

Working with Charts and Graphs