In Business, Communication is key !

Over the year Email communication has become the very centre of our professional lif e, where work is facilitated and completed through it. In a recent study, it was discovered that hundreds of productive hours are wasted by employees dealing with poorly written, poorly edited, unclear, imprecise emails.

It is therefore necessary to build a ‘Writing Culture‘ where executives are trained to write Emails Clearly, Crisply and Precisely.

Course Content

Email Etiquette

  • Composing effective emails to achieve their purpose
  • Organising content in a logical, reader – friendly structure
  • Adapting emails to different audiences and situations
  • Writing specific messages and building a relationship with the reader
  • Useful phrases used in modern business email writing
  • Writing to disagree: dealing with disagreements with others
  • Persuasive Writing: Making a strong argument based on facts

Business Writing

  • A casual tone – key to toda y’s business communication
  • How to present details and explanations clearly and simply
  • Strategies for avoiding wordiness and eliminating stiff, formal language
  • Why being concise is imperative to getting results in the workplace

Sparking Your Readers’ Interest (smart tips)

  • Reader – friendliness.
  • Proven techniques used by professional writers to stimulate reader interest
  • Openers that are sure to ge t noticed
  • Tips for creating sharp images that linger in the reader’s mind
  • Why using tired clich├ęs could brand you as ‘out of touch’

How to Influence, Persuade and Sell Your Bright Ideas!

  • How to be more persuasive when you expect resistance from your readers
  • Smart tips that will add punch to every paragraph
  • Succe ss strategies for selling anything – products, ideas, services
  • Communicate with passion and enthusiasm: How to rev things up with active verbs

Keys to Conveying Credibility and Professionalism

  • How to align your writing with the image your organization wants to project
  • The pros and cons of using computerized spelling and grammar checkers

Practical Solutions to Real-World Writing Challenges

  • How to write “No” letters with a “Yes” sound
  • Writing complaint letters that ge t immediate acti on
  • Techniques for responding to complaints with relationship-rebuilding succe ss
  • How to make written requests that ge t favourable replies
  • Writing for special situations

Gender, Age and Culture Sensitivity: Using Care in Business Writing

Using Correct Grammar for Powerful Writing