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Competency Mapping and Assessment


Competencies lie at the heart of integrated approaches to human resource management. In today’s AI era in which new roles and competencies are constantly being created, it’s important for competency mapping to be kept up to date.

Once the framework is put in place, the various applications of HR are aligned around the Competency Framework. These applications could include Recruitment and Selection, Succession Planning, Appraisal, Promotion and Reward, Training and Development, etc., All these require the HR as well as the line to be proficient in mapping the competencies of individual employees against the framework.
This course provides hands-on experience of systematic job analysis techniques which are essential to ensure that competencies are defined accurately and reflect the organization’s short and long term objectives.

Course Content :

Competency Frameworks and Models

·         Competency Components: The difference between Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

·         Types of Competencies and the Various Names Used to Describe Them

·         Levels of Competence and Behavioural Indicators

·         Competency Job Profiles Versus Personal Profiles

Competency Analysis

·         Extracting Competencies from Strategic Plans

·         Key Result Areas, Competencies and Core Values

·         The Methods for Validating Competency Models

Competency Based Selection

·         The Use of Competencies for defining Jobs requirements

·         Designing and Conducting Competency-Based Interviews

Competencies in Training and Development

·         Classical Approaches in Identifying Training Needs

·         The Use of Competencies in Conducting Gaps Analyses

Competency-Based Appraisal Systems

·         The Use of Competencies as Criteria for Measuring Performan ce: Advantages and Disadvantages

Competency-Based Assessments

·         Psychometric Approach to Competency Mapping

·         Ability testing and Personality Testing

·         Deriving Competency Scores from Psychometric Test

·         Assessment Centre Approach to Competency Mapping

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