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Contract Labour has been a topic widely discussed and deliberated by Industries, Legislature & Media. For some business organizations, now-a-days, many activities, like housekeeping, security, canteen, logistics, maintenance, pay-roll, recruitment etc are outsourced by the organizations due to variety of reasons. It is a tool of cost reduction, for others it is a tool to increase efficiency by outsourcing while for a few it serves the purpose of taking care of temporary & seasonal work fluctuations. The usage depends on the way it is proposed to be deployed and the results also vary accordingly.

Various judicial pronouncements regarding Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolitions) Act, 1970 have given many permutations to the Act causing serious implications on the smooth operations in industry. Lately, the Constitution Bench of the Apex Court has shown the way towards regulation of contract labour.

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– To disseminate right information about the Statute,
– Enhance compliance awareness,
– Harness opportunities,
– Highlight regulatory obligations and prepare against challenges in the emerging trend of engaging labour as contract labour.


  1. Overview of the contract labour (regulation & abolition) act, 1970.
  2. Applicability, Coverage & Scope.
  3. Abolition, prohibition and absorption of contract labour.
  4. Licensing of contractors and registration of principal employers.
  5. Regulatory provisions, records and registers.
  6. Special provision for health, welfare and safety of contract labour in factories/construction sites.
  7. Employer’s obligations & responsibilities under the act
  8. Drafting a valid contract between principal employer and contractor – safe guards.
  9. Important provisions which should be complied on daily/ monthly/ yearly basis.
  10. Termination of services of contract labour and liability of principal employer.
  11. Implications in the contract of law on wages, pf, esi, workmen’s compensation, bonus, gratuity, factories act and industrial dispute.
  12. precautions in handling contract labour.
  • Case laws

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