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Accelerate your spreadsheet data analysis proficiency. This LIVE, virtual, hands-on data management course provides the essential 21st century Microsoft Excel training you need to get ahead. It goes beyond the fundamentals of PivotTables to explore more advanced topics, such as calculated fields, calculated items and conditional formatting. Then it brings you up-to-date and up-to-speed with Excel Power Tools, including Power Query and Power Pivot.

With Excel Power Tools, you’ll be equipped to analyze an unlimit ed amount of data, combine multiple data sources into a single report, analyze data across multiple tables and create more sophisticated calculations.

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  • Build advanced PivotTables with calculated items and fields
  • Combine separate sheets into one report with the PivotTable PivotChart Wizard
  • Automate repetitive importing and data cleansing tasks instead of writing complicated VBA macros
  • Merge multiple data sets into a single report using Power Query
  • Import data into a Power Pivot data model
  • Create and edit relationships between two data tables in Power Pivot

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Session 1: 

Building Advanced PivotTables With Calculated Items and Fields

Look at PivotTable fundamentals, then push the limits of built-in pivots by customizing them with calculated items, calculated fields and conditional formatting.

  • Review Excel® building blocks
  • Know how to create calculated items and calculated fields
  • Understand how to conditionally format PivotTable fields
  • Describe how to consolidate multiple ranges into a single report (without Power Query)

Session 2:

Power Query Including the M language

Learn how Power Query helps you automate the process of importing, transforming and cleansing your data. Building an effective Power Query that can be used over and over on new datasets will save hours of effort and make you a more effective analyst.

  • Discuss the fundamentals of Power Query (Get & Transform)
  • Explain how to use Power Query to clean up data before you load it
  • Extract and organize data from many sources
  • Understand how to merge queries

Session 3:

Power Pivot — Gathering Data

Business analysts use Power Query to prepare data, then they use Power Pivot to build reports. Power Pivot is an Excel Add-in used to analyze huge amount of data from multiple sources. Power Pivot has a different calculation engine from Excel which makes data analysis faster.

  • Advanced Power Pivot to analyze data from multiple sources
  • Import data into your model
  • Link dimension tables and fact tables
  • Build reports