Digital giants like Amazon, along with a whole host of startups, are exposing entirely new business models and using emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT and many others to change the face of logistics going forward.

Logistics and Supply chain technology are more powerful and accessible than ever before, and it will be the businesses that utilize it that survive this global disruption. As we navigate beyond the effects of this pandemic, companies will find that investing in data and automation provides the critical capability to make smart, agile decisions.

This workshop will focus on the latest trends in Logistics & Supply Chain.

Digital Supply Chain & Logistics 4.0

  • Megatrends impacting Supply Chains to become Digital
  • Evolution of Supply Chain
  • Traditional Supply Chain v/s Supply Chain 4.0
  • Elements of Logistics 4.0


A) Integrated Planning and Execution (IPE)

  • Building Blocks of Digitalization in IPE
  • Technologies in IPE
  • Case Study of Best Practice in IPE- Amazon’s Patented “Predictive Shipping”

Physical Flow:

A) Logistics Visibility

  • Building Blocks of Digitalization in Logistics Visibility
  • Track and Trace Technologies in LV
  • Case Study of Best Practice in LV

B) Smart Warehousing

  • Building Blocks of Digitalization in Smart Warehousing
  • Technologies in Smart Warehousing
  • Case Study of Best Practice

C) Effective Spare Part Management

  • Building Blocks of Digitalization in Spare Part Management
  • 3D Printing Technology and Others in Spare Part Management

D) Autonomous and B2C Logistics

  • Building Blocks of Digitalization in Autonomous and B2C Logistics
  • Robotic Transport in Autonomous and B2C Logistics
  • Case Study of Best Practice

Order Management

Procurement 4.0

  • Building Blocks of Digitalization in Procurement 4.0
  • Spend Analytics and other Technologies in Procurement 4.0
  • Case Study of Best Practice

Others: Prescriptive SC Analytics and Digital SC Enablers

Supply Chain 4.0 Maturity Assessment: