Australia is an emerging economy full of prospects for exporters from India and importers into India. Realizing the tremendous business growth opportunities available in Bi -Lateral trade, the two countries have signed a Fre e Trade Agreement.

With coming into existence of this FTA 85% of Australian goods exported to India will see import tariffs eliminated. Likewise, about 96% of Indian goods will also be made duty fre e in Australia.

Course Objective

The objective of this program is to acquaint the participants with tremendous opportuni ty available in trade with Australia and nuances of India – Australia Fre e Trade Agreement.

  • Key Knowledge Areas
  • Concepts
  • Export – Import
  • Exporter – Importer
  • Country of Origin Certificate
  • Fre e Trade Agreement
  • Preferential Trade Agreement
  • EXIM Code
  • Carotar – 2020
  • Australia the Country
  • India Exports to Australia
  • India Imports from Australia
  • Special Features of India
  • Australia FTA – An Analyses
  • Country of Origin Rules w.r.t. India – Australia FTA
  • Benefit to Exporters / Importers
  • Source of Market Information
  • Market Segments
  • Contact Points
  • ‘8’ Keys to Selective Market Abroad
  • Miscellaneous

Special Feature –

All the topics will be discussed w.r.t. India- Australia Fre e Trade Agreement and recently announced Rules governing the trade.