Selling is demanding, even under the best circumstances; the challenges compound in the face of uncertainty. Sal es professionals have been thrust into a new way of engaging prospects and customers — one that centers on building and maintaining relationships without in-person meetings, conferences or events.

In this new reality, we are all Inside sellers, regardless of our previous roles.

We see this shift playing out on LinkedIn in the for m of significantly higher activity, overall and within the sal es community.

For sal es leaders, adapting to this new reality means helping our teams build trusted relationships virtually, which is a new skill for many. There is no standard playbook. This workshop will help you fortify your team, your customer relationships and your business during challenging times.

Course Objective

  • Develop essential qualities and tactical skills required as an Inside Sales professional – turning leads into customers
  • Understand and use Inside Sales tools and technology to qualify buyers effectively 
  • Know the challenges facing Inside Sales professionals
  • Learn Inside Sal es questioning techniques and approaches to influence buying behaviour
  • Build confidence and manage call reluctance as an Inside Sales professional
  • Demonstrate effective cross-selling and up-selling techniques to drive revenue
  • Get high-quality leads – Latest Tools & Techniques 
  • Innovative outreach ideas  
  • Reach out to primary decision-makers  
  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Opening and rapport building techniques through various touch points.  
  • Connecting with both Inbound and Outbound Calls 
  • Deeper Understanding of the Customer 
  • Positioning Value that Differentiates 
  • Build trust and rapport digitally with Customers
  • eRelationships: How to Engage and Dialogue with Clients Online
  • How to overcome challenge of Competitors 
  • How to
    • Nurture leads 
    • Follow-ups with the prospects 
    • Make a cold call and
    • its pitch  – We work with you on your scripts 
  • Creating a repository with
    • a virtual pitch,
    • updated messaging,
    • useful blog posts,
    • reports from trusted sources.
  • Presenting ideas effectively and asking the right questions to influence customers 
  • Customising Sales presentation for Inside Sal es
  • Negotiation Strategies to Overcome a Customer’s Objections and Close the Sal e
  • Understand and Manage common customer objections and price issues
  • Identify opportunities to Cross-sell and Up-sell  
  • Inside Sal es approaches to effectively close Sal e