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Regulations, Framework & Report Writing

Course Content

Deep Dive into IFC

  • Analyze the critical components of IFC
  • COSO framework and its interpretations.

Regulatory Imperative:

  • Requirement of IFC under Companies Act, 2013, 
  • SEBI LODR, and industry-specific regulations, responsibilities and reporting mandates.

Framework Essentials: 

  • COSO framework through a detailed breakdown of each component: control environment, risk assessment, information & communication, control activities, and monitoring.

Crafting the Approach: 

  • Establish a strategic roadmap for building, implementing, and sustaining an effective IFC framework

Practical understanding of documenting IFC processes and controls through real case scenarios

Global Benchmarking & Regulatory Context

  • SOX/IFC on the Global Stage
  • Comparing IFC requirements globally.
  • Global regulatory environments and similarities and differences
  • Internal Financial Control (IFC) Vs Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), 
  • Complementary roles in achieving objectives.

Control Frameworks: Financial & Operational

Financial Reporting Controls:

  • ICAI guidance notes
  • Ensuring robust and compliant financial reporting.
  • Effective controls considering materiality, risk assessment, and reporting requirements.
  • Analyze practical examples of common financial reporting controls and their implementation.

Operational Controls:

  • COSO ERM and COBIT for designing operational controls
  • Operational risks, considering cost-effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

Integrated Reporting & Control Assurance

Craft meaningful integrated reports on IFC effectiveness for various stakeholders:

  • Senior Management
  • Audit Committee
  • Board of Directors

Entity Level Controls

  • Relationship between ELCs and internal audit
  • leveraging its potential for independent assurance and control effectiveness improvement.

Implementation Timelines & Stakeholder Impact:

  • Timelines for IFC implementation, considering resource constraints and materiality.
  • Scope the implementation process, addressing stakeholder needs and expectations.

Timings: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm, Registration begins at 9:30 am