Sal es makes the world go ’round. Effective sal es communication is an indispensable skill. The good news is that you don’t have to be a natural-born salesperson to succeed in the world of sal es. In fact, as long as you have other peoples best interests at heart, you already have the makings of a great salesperson.

Great salespeople look at sal es as a collaborative process between themselves and the client. The best sal es interactions, buyers think of the seller as just a person who had taken a genuine interest in their problem and was helping them solve it.

Good sal es skills can mean better profitability for the company and a better customer experience. This workshop helps convert participants into professional sellers and provides insights into bestselling strategies and practices.

Course Objective

  • Improve sal es performance through applying a structured approach
  • Develop relationship building skills
  • Understand the difference between selling features and benefits
  • Improve planning, closing techniques and confidence
  • Develop excellent questioning skills
  • Improve efficiency with effective territory and client management
  • Demonstrate the appropriate selling techniques & cross selling strategies
  • Dealing with difficult and other variety of customers
  • Learn how to close a sal e
  • Be able to deal with objections
  • Understand the importance of the after sal es service
  • Managing sales figures and sal es forecasting
  • Develop a personal action plan

Customer Value Pyramid

  • Customer Value Pyramid for Establishing Relationship with Prospects
  • Understand the psyche of the prospect

Consultative Selling

  • Need to generateTrust
  • Probing process
  • Shift from Transactional Selling to Consultative selling

Customer Interaction and penetration

  • Art of small talk, Need assessment, Customer profiling
  • How to start conversation with customers and turning an enquiry in to sal es

Preparation before meeting prospects

  • Language based approach Ethos, Pathos and Logos
  • Sal es approach demands Right Selection of Right words during interaction with prospects
  • Q & A  on – Self · Product & Process · Customer Competitor Company

Questioning Technique

  • Negative Reversing Questions Tips on Power Phrases Examples
  • Some solid ideas of how you can use negative reverse selling to get your prospects to ditch the maybe club by giving you a definite yes or no.

Reverse Sal es Technique

  • The concept of Reverse Psychology – When to use How to use
  • Strategy to keep prospects talking, exploring and explaining their thinking and feelings

Probing Process

  • How Probing is different from Questioning types of Probing, Open and Close ended questions
  • Developing the art of asking questions to connect their products in a better way with their prospects

Presentation Skills

  • How to make effective self-presentation while interacting with customers + pre interaction preparation
  • How to present self

Techniques to Impress Prospects

  • 6 Principles of Influencing by Robert Cialdni
  • How to develop comfort level with the prospects

Sale Networking

  • Various networking platforms in the industry and ways to utilize them, Designing Business Networking Strategy
  • Effective ways through which trainees can increase their target market and do segmentation; Reference generation model

Sales Negotiation

  • Sales dialogue scripting, Sal es call opening, Countering buyers tactics; objection handling and Call closure
  • Developing scripts for various conversations

Strategies of Negotiation – BATNA, ZOPA, WAP

Techniques of Negotiation

Bottlenecks in Sales

  • Dealing with difficult situations and difficult customers
  • Countering buyers tactics; Objection Handling

Sales Hero Hooks Technique of Presentation

  • Developing Hero Hooks
  • Designing Compelling Proposition
  • Modern ways of product presentation

Product Demo

  • Product / service presentation style, Script,
  • FAB Analysis
  • Unique Sal es Proposition
  • How to give effective product presentation to generate sal es; Identifying Features, Benefits and Advantages of the service / product they sell.

Sales Closure

  • How to identify buying signals, 5 ways of closing sal es call, script for effective and confirmed sal e conversions with immediate order

The Untold Secrets of Sales