LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace is fast becoming a priority for organisations of all sizes across the world as LGBTQ inclusivity offers a distinct competitive advantage.

As an umbrella term, LGBTQ includes many different sexualities and gender identities, – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people.

During the Pride Month, many large companies take the opportunity to celebrate the LGBTQ community in myriad vital and visible ways. But creating a genuinely inclusive culture means taking year-round action and training.

LGBTQ inclusion training is so important for making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable in bringing their whole selves to work.

This workshop will shares tips on how to make workplaces more inclusive and supportive for LGBTQ employees.

Discussion based on the following issues–

  • The benefits of LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace, as well as the personal and organizational costs of not being inclusive
  • The barriers, challenges, and injustices faced by individuals who identify as LGBTQ
  • The laws and personal protections
  • Appropriate terms of reference related to LGBTQ communities and individuals who identify as LGBTQ
  • Incorporate gender-neutral language
  • Clearly stating the pronouns (be they she/her, he/him, they/them or a mixture of pronouns, such as she/they or he/they) has become a way for everyone to normalise not assuming someone’s gender.
  • How employees can create and support an LGBTQ inclusive, respectful workplace
  • How to be an ally to coworkers who identify as LGBTQ
  • When and how to intervene in LGBTQ discrimination, harassment and bullying