Laws and Strategy for Employing  

Apprentices, Fixed Term Employees & Contract Workers 


Reducing costs through manpower planning, selecting apprentices, fixed-term employees, and contract workers can be effective strategies.  

The training aims to provide you with valuable insights and practical strategies to implement cost-saving measures in your manpower planning process. We will explore the benefits and considerations associated with each staffing option and delve into how they can contribute to a more streamlined and financially optimized workforce. 

The workshop will also provide a comprehensive overview of the legal aspects related to apprenticeships, fixed-term employees, and contract workers. Understanding the relevant laws and regulations is crucial to ensure compliance and mitigate any potential legal risks. 

We will explore the legal frameworks governing apprenticeship programs, including eligibility criteria, duration, training requirements, and wage regulations. 

Course Objective

  • Understanding various categories of employment of workers and employees, including contractual, Contract Workers, Apprentices & Fixed Term. 
  • Understanding various Labour Laws and Regulations applicable to each category of employees, as employed by an organisation. 
  • Understanding the benefits, privileges and obligations of employers in employing each category of employee. 
  • Advantage Contract Labour Act – Understanding the Contract Labour Act – applicability, obligations and compliance requirements. 
  • Advantage Fixed Term Employment – Who to employ, laws applicable on FTEs, Privileges and benefits available to FTEs. 
  • Advantage Apprentices Act: Applicability on an organisation, No employed, benefits and privileges, The NAPS Scheme and NATS Schemes, Statutory Compliances upon employment of Apprentices. 
  • Understanding overall Human Resources and manpower requirements and developing a strategy of employment taking advantage of Casuals, Apprentices, Contract Workers and Fixed Term Employees. 
  • Understanding various category/ class of Employees & Workmen in an organization. 
  • The Casual, Contractual, Trainees, Apprentices, Regular Workers, Probationers, Managerial and Fixed Term Employment category. 
  • Understanding the Laws applicable on various categories of employees including the Trainees, Contract Workers, Fixed Term Employees, Apprentices and Regular Workmen & Employees. 
  • The special category including The Apprentices, Contract Workers and Fixed Term Employees. 
  • The Contract Workers – Status, laws and statutory benefits applicable to contract workers. The Contract Labour Act – Applicability, Obligatio n and Compliance of Principal Employer’s and Contractor’s. 
  • The Apprentices: Applicability of the Act/ Scheme on an organisation. Benefits of employment of Apprentices. Enrolment under the Act. Status of Apprentices and Laws applicable to Apprentices employed. 
  • The Apprentices Schemes – NAPs Scheme and NATs Scheme – Enrolment process, employment category, duration and payments. 
  • Fixed Term Employment – The future employment category – Fixed Term Employees and Workmen under Fixed Term Category as proposed under Code on OSH 2020. 
  • Developing a strategy of ratio of employment of various category of employees in an organization. 
  • Case Studies and Practical Examples

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