A deep dive into Social Security Benefits and Statutory Bonus:  Understanding Recent Changes

A Comprehensive learning of changes and its impact on Employer and Employee

  • Provident Fund- EPF, EPS & EDLI
  • ESI- Benefits & Coverage
  • Others EPF, EPS & EDLI Maternity, Gratuity Employment Exchange & Bonus

Provident Fund

  • Mandatory AADHAR Seeding and challenges before Employer and Member
  • What actually is the Challenge?
  • What are solutions before Employer?
  • Impacts on Compliance and Finances of the Organization
  • Proactive approach by employer, in minimizing the damages
  • SOPS from Government due to Covid-2019
  • Importance of KYC in Availing Benefits under PF, Pension and EDLI
  • Why e-Nomination is Sensitive in EPF
  • Enhancement of EDLI Assurance benefit Employer point of view
  • Other Operational Changes and Challenges to Employer
  • Challenges in engaging International Worker under EPF and MP Act


  • AADHAR Mandate as per the Code on Social Security, 2020 Impact on the Employer
  • Significant initiatives of the Government during the 2nd wave of Pandemic
  • Hospitalization, Treatment and Sickness Benefit
  • Dependent Benefit to the families of deceased
  • Benefits available to Insured Person, irrespective of separation or out of coverage
  • How ESI is seen as the World Best Social Security Benefit
  • Superior Benefits
  • Relief to Employers Coverage to Family members


  • Case Studies under Payment of Gratuity Act
  • FAQs on Payment of Gratuity Act
  • Duties of Employer under Payment of Gratuity Act, during joining
  • Obligations of Employer, in computation and disbursal of Gratuity


  • Recent directives from the Government and duties of Employer
  • Ensuring Gender Equality How Maternity Benefit Act is impacted?
  • Case studies under Maternity Benefit Act


  • Eligibility for Statutory Bonus
  • Requirement of Ex-Gratia
  • Computation for Scheduled Employment and others
  • Bonus to Contractual Employees Principal Employers obligation

Employment Compensation

  • Importance of Employee Compensation Act
  • Applicability and Essence of the Beneficial Legislation §How the Legislative provisions protects the Financial Liabilities of the Employer in case of Employment Injury.

Princeton Academy resources

Government of India – Ministry of Labour & Employment- ( Download the following -)

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  2. The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
  3. Employees Compensation(Amendment) Act,2017
  4. Maternity Benefit(Amendment) Act,2017
  5. The Personal Injuries (Emergency) Provisions Act, 1962
  6. The Personal Injuries (Compensation Insurance) Act, 1963
  7. The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
  8. Employees liability act 1938
  9. Employees liability act 1938
  10. The Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Act, 1996