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24/01/2024 The Radisson Bangalore 9971

Incl 1-on-1 Consulting


Join our renowned expert for an exclusive, one-on-one consulting experience post-lunch, where personalized tax planning and strategic solutions are tailored to your unique financial scenarios. Dive into a session of hands-on problem-solving and expert guidance to navigate the complexities of income tax, ensuring compliance, and maximizing savings.

TDS on Salary under section 192

  • Obligation and Estimation of employees salary under 192
  • New perquisite valuation rules.
  • Preparation of Form No. 16 in different situations When an employee has joined or left during a financial year, details of other incomes/loss of employees in Form No. 16, details of tax deducted by others in respect of other income reported by employees in Form No. 16.
  • Documents related to deductions as well as other income for proper computation of TDS.
  • TDS and taxation of retirement benefits (gratuity, leave encashment, provident fund, pension and voluntary retirement).

TDS on payments other than salary

  • TDS under sections 192A, 194, 194C, 194-I, 194-IA, 194-IB,194J, 194K, 194M, 194N, 194-O and 195. 
  • Consequences of TDS defaults

Remuneration planning under different situations

  • Remuneration planning to minimize employees tax liability.
  • Restructuring of present remuneration plan keeping in view present and future tax liability of employees.
  • Tax on different perquisites & Tax-fre e perquisites.
  • Tax planning devices How to convert within legal parameter a taxable perquisite into tax-free perquisite or perquisite taxable at concessional rate.

Alternative tax regime for individuals under section 115BAC

  • Guiding employees for selection between current tax regime and New tax regime

Post Lunch:

Exclusive One-on-One Consulting with Dr. Singhania

  1. Pre-booked individual sessions focusing on specific issues
  2. Personalized Income tax planning and problem resolution
  3. Solving Real-Life Tax Problems
    • Participants can present their tax scenarios
    • Analysis of tax planning for companies, salary and other incomes.
    • Hands-on problem-solving with immediate feedback from Dr. Singhania
  4. Strategic Tax Planning for Individuals and Businesses
  5. TDS and Beyond: Ensuring Compliance and Maximizing Savings