Intercultural Training in Dubai by Princeton Academy

As markets continue to globalise and technology opens up new international collaboration opportunities, more executives have to work across the barriers of culture, language and geography as never before.

At its core, this cross cultural workshop is about understanding business etiquettes rooted in specific cultural contexts, discerning social etiquettes and traditions that govern global business behaviour.

This workshop will help you build deeper connections by developing and cross cultural sensitivity aspects like communication, religion and traditions.

Our senior faculty is immersed in the complexities of working in different cultural environments, with international commercial experience and has lived and worked in multiple countries over an extended period.

Key Benefits:

  • Better international meetings, decision-making and implementation of actions.
  • Improved communication, both face-to-face and through technology.
  • Increased confidence to discuss and resolve differences with international colleagues

Our approach comprises background information to better understand business mentalities, interactive group exercises, and up-to-date videos and graphics. Participants are given an opportunity to work on case studies, participate in group discussions, and reflect on what they have heard. In addition, we provide you with practice-oriented recommendations designed to help your business success.

Program Outline

  • 04 Sessions
  • 06 Hours

  • Examining how, why and where culture impacts work and people.
  • Examining cross cultural stereotypes and prejudices.
  • Cross cultural models and examples.
  • Steps to effective cross cultural communication
  • Beliefs, culture, values, ethics, customs and national character
  • Speech styles
  • Building effective interpersonal relationships
  • Communication – verbal and non-verbal
  • Social etiquette and protocol
  • Linguistic differences
  • Business Overseas – features, traditions and ethics
  • Comparative analysis of American, British and other countries business practices
  • Business etiquette and protocol
  • Business entertaining
  • Differ enormously around the world and when people have differing expectations around how a meeting should be run then confusion ensues.
  • different cultures use language differently.
  • Subtle communication style differences can often lead to interpersonal problems where people assume colleagues from other countries are being rude or deliberately evasive.
  • A better understanding of the subtleties of cross-border communication can help people work more effectively with clients, colleagues and other stakeholders around the world.
  • is usually a product of attitudes to corporate structure.
  • The approach to decision-making found in countries which favour flatter structures differ greatly from those countries which are strongly hierarchical.
  • to risk can create tensions within organisations

    All of these key issues (and many, many more) are hugely impacted on by culturally differing mindsets and people need high levels of cultural fluency to help them navigate these difficult channels. This workshop will help to quickly ramp up levels of cultural fluency within the organisation.

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