Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Training Course in Dubai

Improve the quality of presentations in your organization – and gain the results you need !

How to design and create clear and compelling slides. This training covers layout and design, visualization, graphs & charts, image manipulation, interactivity, templates & masters, multimedia, and animation. We’ll share some advanced tips to help you save time with PowerPoint, and best practices to ensure consistency and compatibility of slides across your organization.

Program Outline

  • 04 Sessions
  • 08 Hours

  • Create well-designed layouts that assist the audience in information assimilation.
  • Templates to streamline the production of visually consistent presentations.
  • Copy data from multiple PowerPoint and Standardize into one.
  • Power of visual mind-control to turn tiresome data and uninspiring walls of text into engaging visuals and compelling stories.
  • Discuss Slide Master in Detail.
  • Design own templates and themes to save time working with PowerPoint to focus on content as well as design.
  • Setting backgrounds and templates to streamline the production of visually consistent presentations.
  • Copy data from multiple PowerPoint and Standardize into one.
  • Remove Image background.
  • Crop and Convert images into beautiful shapes.
  • Create 3D Box with 3 images.
  • Artistic Effects
  • Advanced Transition Effects.
  • Zoom effect on your Content (Organization chart/ image).
  • Advanced Motion Path Animations.
  • Photos with Creative Animations.
  • Manipulate images and photographs
  • Editable Info graphics.
  • Creative Bullet Point Alternatives.
  • Creative ways to use Smart Art.
  • Diagrams in 3D.
  • Create Customised Smart Arts.
  • Create Smart Graphics using Shapes.
  • When to use which shapes or Smart Art.
  • Use of Shapes as hyperlink between any files
  • Apply slide transitions.
  • Animate Slide Content.
  • Set Timing for Transitions and Animations.
  • Use of transition effects such as the powerful new Morph tool
  • Embed data from Excel.
  • Link and Embed data from Excel
  • Combining 2 graphs.
  • Primary & secondary axis.
  • Shortcuts & choosing options.
  • Formatting of graphs.
  • Use of trend lines.
  • Creating, editing, animating, and presenting both live and non-live charts, graphs & infographics.
  • Create navigable menus, interactive elements, and self-running presentations.
  • Import, edit, export, and make best use of media within the framework of PowerPoint itself.
  • Efficiently and effectively using crafty shortcuts and lesser-known tricks.
  • Increasing the speed of your workflow and confidence within PowerPoint.
  • Change font throughout the presentation in one shot.
  • Important shortcuts for various Powerpoint Presentation creation.

    Quick tips for professional slides for various Powerpoint Presentation creation.

    Using ruler and grid effectively for various Powerpoint Presentation creation.

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